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flue tile joints The first flue tile is not supported properly at the top of the fireplace smoke chamber just above the damper, allowing soot and creosote to build up between the flue and the exterior brickwork, where it cannot be cleaned. This area should be sealed.
This is a view from the top showing a huge gap where the flue tiles were not joined properly during the original construction of the chimney. This area should also be sealed.chimney flue tile gap
chimney misaligned tiles This photo is from the bottom and shows how the flue tiles are mis-aligned, allowing the by-products of combustion to go between the flue and the brick of the chimney. This area should be sealed to prevent this from happening.
An obviously cracked flue tile at the top of the smoke chamber again. Cracked or broken tiles should be replaced, because they cannot contain products of combustion, which is their purpose.cracked flue tiles in chimney
The mortar crown of this chimney is severely cracked. The mortar was put against the flue tile and when the flue tile heats up when used, it expands vertically and horizontally against the crown causing it to crack. This crown should be resealed with a substance that will be flexible. We use a product called Crown Seal.
Side view of a chimney with several problems. Cracked crown and flue tile (with creosote stained edges) recessed flue tile on the end.
Top view of the same chimney. Note the mortar around the recessed flue tile. It actually encourages water to enter the flue. The flue tile should extend at least two inches above the chimney crown and should have a rain cap covering the flue.
This is a close-up of metal flashing at the roofline, with the flashing unsealed on the bricks. This allows water to penetrate the roof and attic area causing many other moisture problems. Flashing should be sealed to prevent water penetration.
chimney swifts in the chimney These Chimney Swifts are Federally Protected birds that enjoy building their nests in chimneys. Once they have started the nesting process, Swifts cannot be disturbed until the young have flown away.
This is a rusted chase cover on a manufactured fireplace, also known as a pre-fab fireplace. When this eventually occurs it will let water drip in through small pinholes, causing more damage to the fireplace unit. This chase top should be replaced.
This is a photo of a GAS furnace flue. Note the severe deterioration of the clay tile. This can be caused by several things, one of which the flue gas temperatures are not hot enough to keep the large flue temperature above itís due point, it has literally caused the tile to flake apart. This flue should be relined with a proper size liner.
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